By 2020, more than 20 billion IoT devices will become part of our daily lives, influencing a wide range of vertical industries such as urban water supply, power grids, industrial production, smart transportation and smart healthcare. Technologies like machine-learning and big data help us to reduce uncertainty and better manage rapid change in the world.

Traditional cybersecurity data attacks occur more frequently when deployed on IoT devices. The problem with the IoT is that device manufacturers fail to protect consumers for the sake of making the installation process easier and the constant pressures to lower costs. IoT privacy intrusions from smart home devices have shown just how risky smart home devices can be. Trusted identity authentication and data privacy-preserving solutions will become increasingly important, creating a vibrant and interlinked data marketplace. Data value can be exchanged and fully tapped through private computing under the guarantee of authenticated and credible data, secured with advanced aitos.io solutions.

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The BoAT SDK is embedded into the major cellular IoT module manufactures in the market. The BoAT SDK becomes integrated into a variety of commercially deployed blockchain networks, and also supports IoT devices to implement device trusted ID generation, registration, and one-stop blockchain smart contracts. IoT devices, once widely distributed in the field, become oracles for the blockchain network, achieving on-chain and off-chain data fusion, ensuring data reliability and tamper-resistance.

The BoAT SDK also utilizes various secure container (enclave) technologies such as the TEE (Trusted Execution Environment), SE (Secure Elements), and on the network server side a threshold signatures-based MPC (Multi-Party Computing) scheme to achieve monitoring of key generation, key storage, and data signatures. Different levels of data security protection and monitoring of operations is utilized to help ensure the integrity and credibility of the IoT data at the (edge) source of generation. These different levels actually help to protect data privacy, while complementing, guiding and ensuring that the blockchain becomes the key store of data value.

The BoAT SDK supports remote authentication of IoT devices, based on chip-level RoT (Root of Trust). Based on industry standards for remote device authentication, the service provider can reliably obtain the device ID and characteristics. After obtaining the device’s ID, service providers can make judgments on the integrity and credibility of the device according to the authentication report, and then determine the authenticity of the device to detect intrusions as service risk control. Risk control is needed to enhance the capabilities of service providers to protect the credibility of device data.

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